Social Futures Dirty Laundry Day Project is a powerful community education campaign which raises awareness of domestic and family violence, to reveal the reality behind the statistics and who is impacted.

We want to re-frame the discussion around domestic and family violence. Because it can – and does – happen to anyone.

Our Dirty Laundry Day Project gives a voice to people who have experienced abuse and violence.

How did I get here?

All relationships start well. I mean, if they were violent from the start people would simply leave right?

But violence of this kind can be layered and hidden. Sometimes the perpetrators don’t even know that what they’re doing is violent. Sometimes they do.

And violence can take many forms. It could be emotional manipulation. Financial control. Using children or family as emotional collateral. It could be isolating - slowly driving a wedge between a partner and their friends and family - because the perpetrators themselves are threatened and want their partner all to themselves.

Often, from the outside, it doesn’t look like violence.

So often perpetrators cover up their abuse with charming behaviour and a friendly smile – no one would ever know. And no-one would ever believe. And that’s just the way they want it.

Some violence doesn’t leave an obvious mark.

Abuse can be emotional, financial, or subtle controlling behaviours like humiliation or intimidation.

The effects of abuse can be poor self-worth, anxiety, depression, and a sense of helplessness. It is difficult to move on, to leave the relationship, to feel able to stand on their own, when their self-confidence is battered. This is why, so often, people do not leave.

So what are we doing about it?

We're giving a voice to people who have experienced abuse and violence. Abuse is isolating. It wants us to be silent, and not to talk, so it makes us feel shame. That is exactly why we need to talk. So people no longer suffer in silence. It’s important to have these difficult conversations. They may be uncomfortable, but they are freeing for people experiencing violence and they are the first step toward empowering people who have experience violence to let go of shame and fear.

Stories of Hope and Resistance

We are sharing messages of hope, resistance and survival. We are sharing stories about how people sustained themselves through hard times. Stories of inspiration. Stories of healing. Stories of resistance.

Talking is an antidote to the silencing nature of abuse

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About the Project

Our Dirty Laundry Day Project began in Northern NSW in 2009. It was created to draw attention to domestic and family violence in the community, to give people experiencing abuse and violence a voice, and to take a strong community stance against violence.

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About Social Futures

Social Futures is an organisation which envisages communities in which people are equally valued and included. We are committed to improving the lives of people in the communities we service by working directly with individuals, families, community and government organisations in the priority areas of homelessness and housing, youth and family services and disability services.

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